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National Theatre Wales
August 2013
The Edinburgh Festival

The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning

Written by

Directed by

Bradley Manning is the 25-year old US soldier accused of releasing 250,000 secret embassy cables and military logs from the Iraq and Afghan wars. After more than three years in prison without charge, Manning is now awaiting his sentence, having been found guilty of crimes that could mean life in prison. But just a few years ago, he was a teenager in west Wales. How did this happen? And who is responsible for his radicalisation?

The show will be performed at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2013, as part of the British Council Showcase, with every performance streamed live online.

Click here to join us for the live online experience.

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Live Online

The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning is streamed live online during all theatre performances in August 2013. You can find performance times listed here. The live cast is a 'hyper-connected' online event - combining footage from the show with a range of links to background information, plus the opportunity to discuss the performance and the surrounding issues. The live chat will be curated by activists, politicians and members of the show's creative team.

Click here to watch live online.

You can join in online before, during or after the shows on the National Theatre Wales Community.

We are also updating a a Storify Story around the process of the show, which you can read here.

a completely captivating and unmissable production
incredible acting and seriously impressive dramatic techniques
A seriously impressive production
We want this on a West End stage, and we want it now.



the most pertinent play on the planet

Hot Show
terrific.... [a] fierce 100 minutes of theatre

a terrifically peppy production

dizzying... a slick and inventive piece of entertainment

a thoughtful, high-energy production, with one of the most hard-working young casts I’ve seen at the Fringe
raises the benchmark for the online potential of theatre

So many scenes... impact on the senses and emotions with startling intensity.
This dazzling achievement... sets the bar very high indeed.

Trailer: The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning

Trailer: The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning

Cast and Creative Team


Tim Price

John E McGrath

Chloe Lamford

Lighting Designer
Natasha Chivers

Sound Designer
Mike Beer

Multi-Platform Designer
Tom Beardshaw

Video Designer
Ian William Galloway

Movement Director
Eddie Kay

Assistant Designer
Fly Davies

Associate Lighting Designer
Andy Purves

Matthew Aubrey
Naomi Everson
Harry Ferrier
Michael Gilhooly
Gwawr Loader
Kyle Rees

The Radicalisation of Bradley Manning