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National Theatre Wales
June 2013

Things I Forgot I Remembered

National Theatre Wales and Hoipolloi with Hugh Hughes

Join emerging artist Hugh Hughes for his first ever production on Anglesey.

Hugh says: "I recently found the journals I wrote as a child in my bedroom in Llys-Derwydd in Llangefni, on the Isle of Anglesey over 30 years ago, between the age of five and 14, between my fifth birthday on 22nd August 1973 through to Thursday 2nd September 1982.
I have decided to use them as the foundation of my art project, which I have titled Things I Forgot I Remembered. I will make audio material that people can listen to on site, develop a website, make short films and create a live show to share what I discovered when I found my childhood journals."

You can also join a free daytime story walk. Click here to find out more and reserve your place.

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Booking Information - Things I Forgot I Remembered

Anglesey Residency

Working in an enormous range of locations, we are committed to deep and lasting engagement with the communities, venues and spaces where we rehearse and perform. Our Year 3 programme focuses on a series of residencies - in Butetown, Tokyo, Anglesey and Treorchy - bringing as many aspects of the company's activity as possible to each location, sharing ideas and ways of working, and learning new things from our hosts.

Responding to Hugh Hughes' reputation as Anglesey's most famous emerging artist, we will be basing an array of activity with other emerging artists on the island for the month, in our third residency of the year.

Events will include:

  • A two-week WalesLab summer camp
  • A DIY festival of emerging work on 14th-16th June, with all artists invited
  • The Anglesey Assembly, an event exploring issues of importance to people in Anglesey today

We will also be working in partnership with the Welsh Music Foundation to programme an exciting range of music events.

Trailer - Things I Forgot I Remembered

Hugh Hughes

Hugh Hughes is an emerging artist from Wales, Anglesey, Llangefni to be precise and his story has been one of creativity, charm and making connections. It’s also been a journey of exploration – when Hoipolloi first met Hugh, he was working on a project about beached whales using photography as his medium – and Hugh has since embraced different media to enhance the way he shares his stories.

In 2005, Hugh Hughes created Floating – the fantastical tale of the island that floated away that was subsequently aired on BBC Radio 4 as an afternoon play. He worked with Hoipolloi and his friend Sioned to develop a way of bringing his experiences to life by merging recorded medium with theatre performance and storytelling. Hugh second show, Story of a Rabbit saw Hugh working with his friend Aled, who played live music to capture the atmosphere expressed in the story.

In 360 Hugh boldly dispatched with set, props and music to perform a story about friendship that exercised the imagination of the audience. Stories from an Invisible Town, his latest show, was crafted from the memories of Hugh and his brother, Derwyn, and sister, Delyth. That project was stuffed so full of memories that it spilled off stage into an online world. Hugh is really looking forward to returning to his roots in Anglesey and making a very special new show with National Theatre Wales.


The heart of the company is the creation of new work. With a sense of adventure, a thirst for pleasure and an instinct for laughter Hoipolloi works towards discovering ways of presenting work that will engage and excite audiences.

The company creates work that is full of energy and verve, connecting with a broad audience and sweeping them away from their everyday lives. This brand of theatre enables audiences to delve deep into their imaginations and brings them to the edge of their seats, making them laugh along the way.

Hoipolloi has also been delighted to facilitate Hugh’s continued exploration of digital opportunities, and are thrilled to have recently presented a show that can be experienced both in the theatre and online at Hoipolloi think this is quite a radical step, and are really interested in the way that audiences will engage with the depth and breadth of material made by Hugh, Delyth and Derwyn, which is presented online in their childhood home.