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National Theatre Wales

Hello, I'm Sian Ede
I am a Board Member

Siân Ede has a long history working in the arts as an initiator and funder, writer and speaker. Arts Director at the Gulbenkian Foundation’s UK Branch's until 2012, she is best known for pioneering its Art and Science programme, setting up major collaborations between scientists and arts practitioners across the artforms; her book Art and Science has been internationally in demand. She is adviser to the Wellcome Trust and the Royal Society, and gave its Wilkins-Bernal-Medawar prize lecture on Art and Science in 2008. Siân was born and educated in Carmarthen and after an early career in theatre and teaching drama in sixth-form, further and higher education in England and Wales, she worked as a Drama Officer for Arts Council of England, leading on Drama Education policy. At Gulbenkian she supported many experimental activities in theatre and dance, as well as commissioning The Turning World: stories from the London International Festival of Theatre, a book whose purpose was to celebrate the increasing internationalism and diversity of theatre in Britain. Siân initiated the Gulbenkian Participatory Performance Grant programme, the first award for which went in 2011 to National Theatre Wales to develop and produce its unique new theatre venture, Da Gabay, led by Cardiff’s Somali community.