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National Theatre Wales
Working with communities across Wales

Assembly Archive

Over the last three years, National Theatre Wales has been working with communities across the nation to explore issues relevant to them, through a series of events called Assembly. Assembly is a performance/debate event that responds to a local issue in a creative setting, leaving space during the performance for the audience to debate and react.

On 29th March 2014, National Theatre Wales will produce it's next Assembly, Who Controls the Drones in my Sky?, at Small World Theatre, Cardigan and online, where you can watch the performance and join the debate.

The Assembly team will spend up to two weeks in the location, working with local creative people and community members to ensure that the event has a local and national reach.

We are especially keen to develop projects that have both local and national/international relevance.

During the lead-up to the event we will devise a performance that is relevant to the winning proposal. This performance will be used as a provocation for the audience, a ‘jumping-off point’ to instigate debate.

We will also create tasks and pose questions for the audience to encourage participation.

Online content being created and released in the days leading up to the Assembly, this will enable a wider audience to become involved in the conversation and have input into the final event, live and online.

Year 1 Projects

In the company’s first year, Assemblies were held in pubs, empty shops, disused banks, marquees, bus stations and ice-cream parlours, and explored a key question for each community.
Assembly 2010-2011

Year 2 Projects

In its second year, the programme became a series of bespoke, democratically-elected events which took place in different areas of Wales, voted for by the public online, ending with a SuperAssembly in Bangor in December 2012.
Assembly 2011-2012



Thursday 20th June 2013
Town Hall, Llangefni

During our month-long residency, National Theatre Wales produced an Assembly, with and for the residents of Anglesey.

Anglesey is an island full of energy: people energy, potential energy, wind and nuclear, and it is energy that Assembly explored.


Saturday 13th April 2013
New National Theatre, Tokyo

Assembly embarked on an international journey. We tested out the model in Japan, as part of our residency in Tokyo with the New National Theatre Japan.

Inspired by The Opportunity of Efficiency, Japan Assembly explored the growth of efficiency as a force for change in society and the influence of big business on national and international affairs.

Super Assembly

In December 2012 the series of bespoke, democratically-elected events of Assembly 2011-2012 came to a conclusion with the SuperAssembly in Bangor.

The project is currently working to recruit young volunteers to facilitate music and cultural events for young people. The end goal is to establish a venue for young people in the centre of Bangor. The venue will not only provide a safe place for youths to socialise with their peers, but will also provide an access point for, and share good practice with other organisations to deliver beneficial but otherwise inaccessible training and workshops etc.

The SuperAssembly will give young people a voice. It will provide an opportunity for young people to communicate with local residents and authorities in a structured, well supported and positive way. It will demonstrate that we ALL have a responsibility to provide opportunities for young people.

It raises the following questions: Do young people have the opportunity to realise their individual potential, abilities and goals in today’s society? How often do we stop and ask young people exactly what they want, or what they can contribute to their community?

Young people are the future of our culture and society. We owe them a voice. They deserve to be listened to.

The Super Assembly will have implications for the provisions of opportunities across the country. However, in Bangor, it will help raise the profile of young people, BYGs Bangor and existing organisations that offer opportunities for young people in the area. It will also help to iron out misunderstandings about a Police Dispersal Order, supposedly aimed at under 16yr olds. Ultimately, the SuperAssembly will be a catalyst for encouraging the development of a sense of social responsibility in young people and a sense of pride in themselves, their community, their culture and heritage. And refreshingly, it will promote young people in a positive light to local and national media.

The application for the Bangor SuperAssembly was made by Elen Clampitt, who is a secondary school teacher and founder of GrwpIeuenctid Bangor Youth Group (BYGs Bangor), a new volunteer youth initiative aiming to provide social, leisure and informal learning facilities for young people in the local area.