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National Theatre Wales

Ideas + Assembly = Change

National Theatre Wales invited proposals from across Wales
asking for the theme and location of the next Assembly and
shall we should collaborate with.
Assembly is a rousing performance/debate event that responds
to local or global issues in a creative setting with time during the
performance for the audience to debate and react.

You can find more information about our previous
Assemblies by visiting the National Theatre Wales Community.


Over the last three years, National Theatre Wales has been working with communities across the nation to explore issues relevant to them, through a series of events called Assembly. Assembly is a performance/debate event that responds to a local issue in a creative setting, leaving space during the performance for the audience to debate and react.

When does the magic happen?
On 29th March 2013, National Theatre Wales will produce our next Assembly, and we are asking the public to choose what the subject should be, where the Assembly should be held and who can be involved.

The Assembly team will spend up to two weeks in the chosen location, working with local creative people and the community to ensure that the event has a local and national feel.

Embrace new Ideas
We are especially keen to develop projects that have both local and national/international relevance.

During the lead-up to the event, we will devise a performance that is relevant to the winning proposal. This performance will be used as a provocation for the audience, a ‘jumping-off point’ to instigate debate. We will also create tasks and pose questions for the audience to encourage participation.

Get involved online!
The project will be live streamed and Assembly information will be released on the internet in the days leading up to main event. This will enable a wider audience to become involved in the conversation and have input into the final event.