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National Theatre Wales
19 February - 20 June

Crouch, Touch, Pause, Engage

National Theatre Wales, Out of Joint & Arcola Theatre with Sherman Cymru 
Written by Robin Soans
Directed by Max Stafford-Clark


“I was doing something nobody had done before, and if you’re the first to do something, you have to be prepared to take the sh*t for it.”

On the eve of one of the most important games of his career, Welsh rugby legend Gareth Thomas received a warning: The Sun newspaper was going to "out" him as gay.

This is the story of two Welsh names bruised, but not beaten, by media speculation; Gareth “Alfie” Thomas, 100 caps for Wales, once its captain, now the world’s most prominent gay sportsman; and his hometown, Bridgend.

Working with Alfie himself, and young people in Bridgend, two of the UK’s most exciting theatre companies - National Theatre Wales and Out of Joint - have teamed up to tell a great Welsh story about sport, politics, secrets, life and learning to be yourself.

Recommended for ages 14+

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Latitude and Longitude: 
51.488057, -3.176236

Audience Reactions

Crouch, Touch, Pause, Engage - Audience reactions


riveting…. a cracking, heartfelt evening


fantastically moving

doesn’t waste a second

Emotionally, it’s a wallop… I wept like a baby throughout the second half

a tremendous evening




brilliant… packs a real punch

Inspiring stuff


an eye-opening and heartening piece


brilliant… wrenches the gut and makes the soul sing

bracing theatre




Venue: The Coliseum, Aberdare
Dates: 24th-25th March
Times: 7.30pm (and 1pm matinee on Wed 25th March)
Open Captioned Performance: Wednesday 25 March, 7.30pm

Box Office
Tel: 08000 147 111

Venue: Sony Theatre, Bridgend College, Bridgend
Dates: 26th and 28th March
Times: 7.30pm (and 1.30pm matinee on Sat 28th March)

Box Office
Tel: 029 2064 6900


Venue: West Yorkshire Playhouse, Leeds
Dates: 31 March – 4 April
Box Office

Venue: Watford Palace Theatre, Watford
Dates: 8-11 April
Box Office

Venue: Gulbenkian Centre, University of Hull
Dates: 14-18 April
Box Office

Venue: Liverpool Playhouse
Dates: 21-25 April
Box Office

Venue: Felsted School, Essex
Dates: 27 April
Box Office: 01371 822619

Venue: Stahl Theatre, Oundle School, Peterborough
Dates: 28-29 April
Box Office

Venue: The Leys School, Cambridge
Dates: 30 April
Box Office

Venue: Lincoln Performing Arts Centre
Dates: 1 May
Box Office

Venue: Northcott Theatre, Exeter
Dates: 5-9 May
Box Office

Venue: Arcola Theatre, London
Dates: 20 May – 20 June
Box Office

Creative Team

Written by Robin Soans

Directed by Max Stafford-Clark

Designer Angela Davies

Lighting Designer Katy Morison

Sound Designer Dyfan Jones

Assistant Director Rachael Boulton


Patrick Brennan
Katie Elin-Salt
Daniel Hawksford
Lauren Roberts
Rhys ap William
Bethan Witcomb


Crouch, Touch, Pause, Engage - Trailer