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National Theatre Wales
August 2013

Forest: The Nature of Crisis

National Theatre Wales’ co-production with DorkyPark and director Constanza Macras, Branches: The Nature of Crisis, is to be restaged at a popular forest in Berlin this August. Renamed Forest: The Nature of Crisis, the show will once again feature an interactive live-stream in the city centre, with live music.


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About the Production

This version is produced by Macras’s company Dorky Park, and is co-produced by Berlin’s world-renowned Schaubühne am Lehniner Platz theatre.

The original production was a visually extraordinary event staged in Wepre Park, Flintshire, with a digitally interactive livestream on a high street in Cardiff, in September 2012.

This new re-staging will again explore the themes of transformation, and ask how we can return to nature in the face of a financial crisis. The Müggelwald - an iconic Berlin forest - will be transformed into a contemporary art landscape in which the audience will encounter environmental activists, forest conservationists, economists, and freaks.

On the production’s final performance, images from the forest will appear on huge billboards in Berlin’s city centre. The city audiences will be invited to interact with the action through their mobile and smartphones, and send texts that will affect the world of the live performances.

Forest: The Nature of Crisis