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National Theatre Wales
October 2010
In Bridgend

Love Steals Us from Loneliness

A night out. Friends, alcohol, a sh*t club, a strop - the usual. But tonight is different. Tonight will change things forever.

A play about the stupid things you do when you’re f**ked.

“Normal’s gone now. Wave it goodbye. Come on, wave with me. Let’s all wave goodbye to normal.”

About the Production

National Theatre Wales, in collaboration Sherman Cymru, brought Gary Owen, one of Wales’ foremost playwrights back to his hometown of Bridgend in October 2010 with Love Steals Us From Loneliness.

In a play steeped with local references and voices, Gary explored the lives of today’s young people and gave us a glimpse of what can happen when one life changing evening goes horribly wrong. Director John E McGrath and the cast worked with local young people, including Bridgend Youth Theatre, and Bridgend Further Education College students to explore the play’s themes and characters,

and to ensure the authenticity of the production.

Young people became involved in the production in many ways, including an online project The play was performed in a local music venue, Hobo’s rock club, to packed audiences, who found themselves involved in a Halloween club night, a karaoke evening and, most importantly, an extraordinary exploration of love, grief and hope.

The widely-praised cast included two Bridgend natives, Katie Elin-Salt and Mark Sumner, as well as Remy Beasley, Nia Roberts and Matthew Trevannion.

Relatable, sharp and human
one of [Gary Owen's] most stunning pieces yet

a bittersweet celebration of life, not a morbid raking over how things can go wrong
quietly profound
Here’s to NTW continuing to put Bridgend on the map for all the right reasons

[a] big-hearted, beautifully written play
terrifically performed

Gritty, shocking, relevant and clever
another great effort from NTW

Cast & Creative Team

In partnership with SHERMAN CYMRU
Written by GARY OWEN
Directed by JOHN E MCGRATH


Gary Owen, Playwright

"I grew up in Bridgend, and I’ve been writing plays professionally for 10 years. Although I’ve written plays set or drawn from there, either consciously or not, I’ve so far avoided writing anything connected with the several young people who took their own lives in 2008. I didn’t want to write something that might make things worse or I had no control over (for instance, TV, film, radio). Why I’m doing this now is that in addition to being a writer from Bridgend, I believe publicly-funded theatre has a role in democracy. I don’t think you can shirk from taking on the big topics and what’s important is that this work will happen in Bridgend with and for the people of Bridgend. I can remember growing up and people saying ‘oh isn’t this a shit-hole’ and that’s similar to what so many young people think about any small town they grow up in. In my teens and twenties I had depression and suicidal thoughts and so this will be from someone who has been through that and can say ‘just hold on a bit longer’. It’s for all teenagers who might feel they have no way out, a sort of plea to hold on, you don’t know where life could take you."

Sherman Cymru

Sherman Cymru aims to make and present great theatre that is ambitious, inventive and memorable for its audiences, and to create strong, responsive and enriching relationships with its communities.
Sherman Cymru produces work in both English and Welsh, and tours widely within Wales and the UK.