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National Theatre Wales
June 2010
In Barmouth

For Mountain, Sand & Sea

Conceived and curated by

Creative collaborator

Creative producer

Collaborating artists

About the production

Marc Rees’ artworks are known for their flamboyant, humorous and often extreme interpretations of history, culture and personal experience. In addition to working with some of Britain’s foremost physical theatre companies (Brith Gof, Earthfall and DV8) his own body of work through his company RIPE (Rees International Projects Enterprise) has been premiered throughout Europe and the UK. He won the Wales bid for the London 2012 Cultural Olympiad project ‘Artists Taking the Lead’ with his work Adain Avion for which he transported the fuselage of a DC9 aeroplane across Wales as a mobile art space.

For Mountain, Sand & Sea followed in the footsteps of the Victorian excursionists that once visited the Welsh coast during the summer months. Split into two groups, one would explore the mountains while the other went off to the seaside. In 'For Mountain, Sand & Sea' National Theatre Wales invited the audience to become excursionists for the day, and explore the hidden history of Barmouth. Artists from around the world together with the local community made 'For Mountain, Sand & Sea' a theatrical event not to be missed.

An active online community followed the show, ranging from blogs, to images, discussions and more. Examples can be seen to the right of this page, or to read more please click here.

a triumph; a magical realist excursion that transcends time and space

thought-provoking, informative and the stories are cleverly interwoven. We were rewarded for our efforts.

I could have happily watched it all over again, straight away, no messing. That doesn’t often happen too often in the theatre in Wales, so I doff my sailor’s cap to a talented, gifted, crew who showed us wonders in a small seaside town.

the show awakens an appetite for deeper discovery... You ache to linger longer.

Marc Rees, Curator

‘It all started with an opportunity to explore the Welsh seaside – we went on a tour of the coastline of Wales and chose Barmouth. Apparently Darwin wrote part of the Origin of Species here and John Ruskin and Wordsworth came here, so you have this fantastic arts and literature connection. Along the high street, there are many chapels which are now ‘Pound Shops’ – there’s one with a cash register in the pulpit and you’ve got inflatable crocodiles hanging from the gallery and the church organ – you can almost hear the congregation scream in horror! We’re hoping to find a chapel we can use for this production and we’ll encourage the international performance artists to take people on guided tours of Barmouth.’

For Mountain, Sand and Sea