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National Theatre Wales

Hello, I'm Michelle Carwardine-Palmer
I am the Managing Director

I joined the organisation in August 2012 when the company was in full swing producing three productions for the London 2012 Festival (Cultural Olympiad), my first NTW show being the extraordinary Coriolan/us.  Having come from a joint chief executive role as Executive Director for the regional producing theatre, Salisbury Playhouse, NTW really showed me from day one how a company can challenge “what theatre is and what it can be” – and I have enjoyed the journey ever since.

I graduated from Trinity St Davids with a B.A. (Hons) in Theatre and English and trained as a Mountain Leader at Plas y Brenin so I had a good appreciation of the Welsh landscape but nothing prepared me for the depth of engagement and understanding of the country we work in that NTW has given.  Presenting work in woods, on mountains, in Labour clubs, in our cities and our towns and all deeply embedded within the community it relates to has been inspirational.

A large part of my role at NTW is externally focussed, engaging in decision-making at national and UK level which the company has an impact on and can be impacted by.  I ensure the company operates effectively and is compliant by implementing policies, strategy and reporting to funders.  I also make a pretty good cake, which is essential to staff wellbeing – our monthly lunch sharings are a highlight for me.