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National Theatre Wales

NTW has played a pivotal role in my development as an Artist

From the very first TEAM training day I signed up for in early 2014 through to today, NTW has played a pivotal role in my development as an Artist. I came away from that first encounter hugely encouraged by the experience. It really felt like they were a company who were genuinely interested in what people were doing. This was proved, in part by not only providing the training for free, but also covering transport costs, a not insignificant gesture for the skint Artist!

Little did I realise at the time that my artistic practice would change significantly as a result of that initial encounter.

Attending Waleslab Summercamp later that year prompted a seismic shift in my practice.

I arrived a jobbing Actor/Musician & left two weeks later with the beginnings of a whole new focus on Sound Art & Performance. Crucial to this was that Summercamp wasn’t just two weeks with NTW & then “back to the real world”. It’s the ongoing support afterwards that made such a difference as I headed down a whole new road of Artistic endeavours. This is still the case three years on. Waleslab has provided me with multiple opportunities to develop & show my work in Wales, London & China. TEAM has offered me ongoing valuable experiences, working on projects that have consolidated my newly developed ideas & also really pushed me & my skillset to explore new territory. NTW has also helped to widen my network of collaborators, introducing me to other Artists with exciting new ideas & approaches. I’ve been on quite an adventure in the last three years with NTW, I’ve grown significantly in confidence as an Artist and as a person, I’ve worked on incredible projects with amazing people. I hope many more people can have this experience in the future.

I mentioned at the beginning about that first TEAM training being free to attend. Had that not been the case, I wouldn’t have been able to go along & I might never have had the wealth of experience the last three years have given me.  

Ben Tinniswood – Artist, Theatre Maker, Musician, Sound Artist


Photo: Warren Orchard - Experimentica 2015