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National Theatre Wales

Legacy Donations

Your legacy is one of the most important decisions you make, and might be the most valuable gift you ever give. After providing for your friends and family, you may decide to donate to a charity whose work is important to you.  

Why not make an impact on future generations by leaving a donation to National Theatre Wales? A gift can help to make our organisation more sustainable and allow us to keep on creating extraordinary theatre in extraordinary places for years to come. At NTW we can be sure to turn your legacy into something creative, whether it is a production, an artist residency or an outreach programme.  

Donating even a small amount can make a lasting difference to National Theatre Wales, and may significantly reduce the amount of inheritance tax owed on your estate. Click here for more information or speak to your financial adviser.

If you are considering, or have already decided to leave a gift to National Theatre Wales, please feel free to get in touch, we would be happy to answer any questions you may have, however we advise that you speak to a legal professional regarding your will.

Donations can also be made in honour of loved ones who cared for National Theatre Wales and enjoyed our work. If you would like to have a collection for National Theatre Wales, please get in touch to find out ways you can do this.

For more information on how to leave a legacy to National Theatre Wales, please contact Michelle Carwardine-Palmer, Managing Director.