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National Theatre Wales
Throughout the year


Creating Tomorrow's Theatre

This unique initiative for emerging artists and new theatre ideas places writers, directors, actors, choreographers, designers, performance artists, installation-makers and multi-media experimenters across the landscape of Wales to develop new ideas. Sharing their progress through our digital hub, and inviting local audiences to see their work in progress, our ever-growing community of artists get the chance, through WalesLab, to try out the ideas that will create tomorrow’s theatre.



Current Projects

Fragments of My Reflection
27 – 31 July

Fragments of my Reflection is the second stage of an on-going project that explores reflection and inner voice, being a double act and how this relationship can be intertwined and fragmented, the best of friends one minute and great enemies the next.

Sherrall Morris describes herself as A Jack of All Trades. Some people see her as a writer/storyteller, some see her as a facilitator, and others see her as a performer. She believes that everyone has a story to tell and helps and encourages others find their own creativity.

Morgan Thomas is an actor, director and facilitator. He enjoys exploring methods of creating theatre, particularly physical and developing work that asks the audience a question. He feels strongly that we could experience a broader view of society within such art forms. 

9 – 15 Aug

Ben is based in Cardiff. Originally trained as an Actor, he's toured Britain & Europe as a Performer. These days he is also a Theatre & Film Maker, Composer & Comedian too. At the root of all his work is the desire to explore, question, provoke & entertain.

"Shh!" Was sparked by an experiment in telling true stories. This will be Ben's first foray into autobiographical source material. As well as examining the effects of secrecy & silence on survivors of Childhood abuse, he'll be asking what it means to become a "grown up" at the age of 42.

How do I get involved?

WalesLab is changing! We have had a brilliant four years of WalesLab so far. As we go into our fifth and final year, we are thinking about how WalesLab will continue in the future. Keep an eye out on these pages for more information in Summer 2016.

If you haven’t already, you should start by signing up to the NTW Community and the WalesLab pages and join the online artist community of Wales. This is where we post the most up to date information about the project and other bits of interesting information to boot. If you have some questions about how and why WalesLab exists, you can have a look at the “FAQs” page on the Community.