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National Theatre Wales
15 August - 27 August 2014

WalesLab Japan

WalesLab Japan developed out of National 
Theatre Wales’ residency in Tokyo alongside
our production, The Opportunity of Efficiency
in April 2013.

Whilst in Tokyo, we started a search for two Japanese artists who would become part of WalesLab. We launched an open call and were thrilled to engage with both Underground Airport and Yo Nakamura.

Underground Airport and Yo Nakamura will spend two weeks in Wales researching new work through WalesLab, discovering the connections and differences between Wales and Japan. They will travel North to Holyhead and West to Aberystwyth, before returning to Cardiff to share the results of this work. 

Underground AIrport

Underground Airport create socially engaged theatre productions, developing a fantasy story that expresses their message through 
performance and visual art, music and physicality. They create theatre in which the audience experience a ‘cultural shock’
through the performance.

As part of their WalesLab project, they will be developing their production "Red Dragon and Soil Traveller",
reflecting on the Great East Japan Earthquake, the 2011 Fukushima disaster and Wales' relationship to nuclear power.

Underground Airport are:

Yasuro Ito (director and writer)
Chinatsu Ito (dramaturge and translator)
Shuya Okumura (technical associate)

Recent works include: It’s something like Tagatari Susumu’s Za-Koenji 1 (Public Theatre of Koenji);
The Castle of Fang (Ebisu Echo Theatre); Musical Song of Souls (Kanagawa Public Theatre and Theatre Drama City).


Yo Nakamura

Yo Nakamura is a dancer, movement director and choreographer, who creates rich, textured pieces by using movement, text, narrative and character relationships. Her WalesLab project "Cymru and I" will examine the relationship between memory and place, based on her interactions with people she encounters in Wales.

Since 2010, Yo Nakamura has been choreographing her own repertoire. With a dancing body as her medium, she mobilises all the elements of a performance, including music, words, narratives, props, and relationships, in order to create pieces that are warm and sharp at the same time.

She is the winner of the NEXTREAM21 Dance Competition’s Jury Award, the First Session Best Award, and the Jury Prize and the Sibiu International Theater Festival Prize at Yokohama Dance Collection EX 2013.